Resources for Real World Math Applications

I was asked by my math department to research sites that helped students find relevence in math. This is the result. Please feel free to contribute! of math concepts referenced in film and television shows career related math skills in an interactive game using Google Earth to apply math
concepts examples of how to promote 21st century skills in math variety of math resources activities that show how math concepts apply to everyday life database of careers that incorporate math skills of math/science being applied in various career fields ideas “to excite students about mathematics, to expose students to professions that employ mathematics, and to demonstrate the relevance of mathematics in solving real-world challenges” online article that discusses how a new math curriculum called Math Connections helps students find relevance in mathematics. It also provides some lesson examples lesson plans geared toward real world math connections --more lesson plans geared toward real world math connections lesson plans, resources and professional discussion geared toward real world math connections online course including interactive activities that discuss and explain real world math applications relevant examples of math in everyday life such as banking and grade calculation the question by showing how math is used in many 'math' and 'non-math' careers and in real life. math podcast variety of math resources including “Math Beyond School” that gathers articles and activities designed to show math relevance in life and careers. variety of math resources from NCTM including a searchable lesson plan database --links to math and career resources Association of America website that includes profiles of professionals working in various math fields career profiles and many resources of math and science careers Outlook Handbook --search Discovery's data base of videos and other teacher resources. There are THOUSANDS of math related videos on this site. Many of them complete with teacher guides and other supplemental materials. These videos can be streamed or downloaded. See Mrs. Orbin for your teacher passcode. This site is also connected with United Streaming and the AIU. a “computational knowledge engine” that can solve complex math, physics, calculus problems and give a step by step solution.