Inservice Workshops: January 18, 2010

Welcome! I hope you find today's workshops fruitful. Each session will include a few examples presented by teachers who have had successes with these tools. The bulk of the session will be dedicated to designing a lesson that integrates the tool into your classroom. As you work independently, please refer to your facilitators with questions, but please realize their expertise is in designing and implementing successful lessons with these tools and that they may not be "experts" in technical specifics of using the tool. I have set up these pages below to provide you with resources and tools to help you. Several tech ed interns from Duquesne and I will also be floating from session to session to help with questions. Also remember that I am available during the afternoon (and any day in the future) should you want some assistance in further developing or integrating the lesson you begin today.

Wikis and Blogs:
See examples of how wikis and blogs have been used for student projects and spend time designing a project that incorporates one of these tools.

Wiki Design:

See examples and spend time developing a class wiki page.

Digital Storytelling:

See examples of digital stories using Photostory, Animoto and MovieMaker, and spend time developing a video project for your classroom.

Formative Assessment:

See examples of tools for collecting student assessment data including: response devices, chatrooms and discussion boards, and design a lesson that incorporates one of these tools.

Website Design:
pend time developing your district hosted web page.

Web Resources:
Learn how to use Delicious to organize and share web resources and spend time collecting and sharing content specific web resources.