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Project Description
Tech Tools Used
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Student Examples
English 9
Shakespeare Historical Research
Students were to present information on the life and times of Shakespeare using one of three presentation formats: a web-based timeline, a photostory, or a "facebook-style" wiki page.

Wikis, Photostory, Dipity Timeline Creator

English Teacher Christine Botti

Wiki Link

English 10
Personal Narrative Podcast and Slideshow
Inspired by NPR's program Story Corps,students were to write a memoir, then use photostory to build a slideshow about the memoir, and audacity to record the story as a podcast. Wikis were used for students to share stories with the class.

Audacity, Photostory, and Wikispaces

English Teacher Chris Ruggeri

English 10
Shakespeare Dramatic Reading Podcast
This was one of many choices for a project based activity that concluded a Julius Caesar unit.


Brutus' soliloquy

AP Biology
Final Project
The goal of this project was for students to showcase specific material/concept from the curriculum using a multimedia format.

Photostory, Moviemaker, Video Cameras, Television Studio

Bio I
Photostory Evolution Project
Students developed individual photostory projects to explore topics related to evolution. These topics were introduced in class, then students selected a topic and explored it more in depth and presented their topic using images, text, narration and music.

Project and Rubric

Bio Teacher Anita Kennelly

English 10/Honors Bio I
Cross curricular wiki-based discussion
This was an online discussion between English 10 students who just finished reading Inherit the Wind and Bio students who had been studying evolution. The discussion was based on several posted readings and students were asked to give input based on what they have been learing in their respective classes.


Link to the Wiki
Public Speaking
Ad Campaign Project

Students worked in small groups of 4-5 to develop, design and present an advertising campaign. The class used a wikispace for collaboration and communication, a web 2.0 graphic organizer called Gliffy to storyboard, and video cameras and movie editing software.

Wiki page
Video Cameras

Class wikipage link