Formative Assessment Tools

Tech tools that allow students to take quick quizzes, post their thoughts, and share ideas can help you see individual learning and differentiate instruction. In many cases, they also give you quick, easy to manage assessment data with little or no grading time.

Online Quiz and Survey Tools

  • Survey Monkey --Can be used to create quick online quizzes or surveys. Teachers have used these for quizzes, student created post-presentation quizzes, for group performance evaluations after a group project, and for peer review of online projects.

Chatrooms and Discussion Boards

These easy to create chat tools could be used for quick informal discussions, pre-assessment of content, as well as a formative assessment tool to check and monitor individual understanding.
  • -- chatroom webtool that can be used for informal discussion as a pre-assessment of student knowledge and needs, and as a formative assessment tool to check and monitor understanding at an individual level. Join a sample live chat here.
  • Coveritlive--a live blogging/chat tool that allows more control than chatzy and can be embedded right on a wiki page. You can choose a moderator who approves comments before they go "live" which could help avoid any inappropriate or off-task comments. Click here for an back channel chat example.
  • Wallwisher A flashy, post-it type discussion board...students will love this! You can also add links, video, and audio to posts and moderate posts before they appear live. Try it out here.
  • Skrbl-- an easy to share collaborative online whiteboard. Group students and have them organize insights and information, and check their work online.This can even allow them to complete collaborative assignments from home. See an example here.
  • Twitter--another (very popular) realtime chat tool that might be used in your classroom.
  • Skype --
  • Wiki discussion boards-- use the discussion tab on any wiki to create instant online discussion threads. Discussion boards on individual student pages could be used for more personal reflections.

Personal Resonse Devices

From multiple choice, true/false, rating scales, to full text answers, these devices put the power of learning directly in your students' hands (quite literally). They provide instant feedback and are excellent formative assesment tools to use for class quizzes, discussion or to collect instant data.

Active Votes allow students to respond to multiple choice, true/false, and scale ratings questions. They work with ActiveStudio or ActiveInspire software.

See an intereactive video demo of this tool here.


Turning Point clickers do all of the above and work with PowerPoint and Turning Point Software (download here).
Turning Point Website
Online Video Tutorials

Active Expressions do all of the above AND full text and numerical responses. They work with ActiveExpressions or ActiveInspire software.

See a video demonstration of this device here.
20 page "quick" start guide from Promethean
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