Engaging the Digital Learner

Andrew Halter

Instructional Coach, Hampton Township School District
Contact: halter@ht-sd.org

Task #1--

Please click on the link below and share a successful strategy, lesson or project you have already done with technology.

Task #2--

Please take a moment and complete this Google Form to give us a better understanding of your technology use

Task #3--

We will work collaboratively by department to brainstorm applications of the tools presented. Please click on the link below, sign in with your name and add to the conversation. Use the CHAT window on the bottom right to discuss and use the main text area to create a list of at least THREE content specific applications for each group of tools.

Task #4 --

Click on one of the three links below that best describes you (or browse all three) and spend the rest of the time working on a lesson that integrates a 21st learning tool or strategy as discussed in this workshop.
If you're not quite sure where to start, you might spend some time browsing the links in the Powerpoint or on the resources page, or you can check out these places to help you better understand these 21st Century Teaching Tools. Once you find one thing that hits you, run with it and begin planning a lesson or a project for one of your classes.

If something you've seen has resonated with you and you already have a tool in mind, you will find resources here to get you rolling.

I've been doing this stuff for many years and I still find new ideas from these sites. Find something new and integrate it into your planning (Warning! Not for the timid...High overwhelm potential!)


The resources listed below were mentioned in the presentation and most included classroom tested examples. Please also feel free to browse the links in the above Powerpoint presentation. Since many of them are restricted for student privacy, please let me know if you cannot get into something that you are interested in exploring, and I will see about getting you access. Please feel free to browse the links on the left as well.

Formative Assessment

Online and classroom tools provide instant data collection and feedback opportunities to help guide learning.
  • Online learning style quizzes
  • Survey and quiz makers- use to start discussion, as an exit slip to check for understanding, reading check quizzes, surveys, etc.
    • Survey Monkey -free tool, but only offers up to 10 questions
    • Google forms-unlimited questions, embeddable forms, results displayed in an excel-like spreadsheet also embeddable
    • Quizstar
    • Zoomerang
    • Quia --has a database of teacher-made quizzes ready for you to use
    • Quizlet--Create digital flash cards and interactive quizzes
    • Response Devices--an engaging assessment method that allows for instant feedback
    • Poll Everywhere [even allows cell phone text responses])
    • ActiveVotes and ActiveExpressions (Promethean)
    • SMART Responders (SMART)
    • Turning Point (Powerppoint)
  • Blogs-provide a window into student thinking and learning, and give students an individual web-space to explore ideas in writing
  • Discussion boards and chatrooms- use as a backchannel during a movie, for homework help, to work collaboratively, to discuss assigned readings, etc.
  • Electronic Portfolios-- allow student to collect work, monitor progress, and comment on peer work.

Content Delivery

Technology provides endless opportunities to vary and adapt instructional methods.

Collaboration Opportunities

Web 2.0 tools provide the ability to collaborate in and out of the classroom, across districts and even globally.

Summative Assessment

Technology provides alternative assessment choices and rigorous, engaging, multi-dimensional project based learning opportunities. They can also provide an authentic audience.

Harnassing Information Overload

These tools can help you manage your own online resources and help students with their research
  • Website Organization--Social bookmarking tools help you and your students narrow and manage online information resources
    • Delicious
      --installs easy to use tools on your browser for bookmarking and sharing websites. Check out my full delicious list here
    • Diigo
      same as the above
    • JogTheWeb
      -create an annotated tour or websites

Other Resources for Differentiation:


Wiki Project Template

Browse my DELICIOUS bookmarks --includes all of the online educational resources I have collected

(downloaded from: chttp://techtoolsforschools.blogspot.com/2010/01/facebook-project-template.html)