CFF Workshops

Once computers are issued, training sessions will begin. These trainings are VOLUNTARY, but will help you to learn and apply a variety of 21st century teaching skills. Bring your laptop and an open mind!

  • Lunch and Learn sessions --these will provide quick, half hour tutorials on specific applications. These will be offered during all three lunches with a new session beginning each half hour. You are welcome to stay and work for more than one session if you are able! Lunch will be provided ON OCCASION!

  • After school sessions --these will run from 2:45 to 3:45 and will count toward Act 48 credits.

Workshop Title
When and Where?

Laptop 101
After School

This session will give you an overview of the your new laptop including basic use and operation, special funcitions, tips and a brief description of the software you have available.

Outlook and Word 2007
This session will provide an overview of the layout, features and tools available in the new Microsoft Word and Outlook programs. This will include tips, tools and techniques for classroom and personal orgainization. Even if you feel pretty confident with these, come in and share a tip and maybe learn something new!