Discovering your new laptop

On this page you will find helpful information, links to tutorials and troubleshooting tips for the new software as well as special functions of your laptop.

High School Teacher Laptop Manual
Middle School Teacher Laptop Manual

Software Installed on your PC


Diagramming software that will allow you and your students to explore concepts graphically.
Create a storyboard, a flow chart, a cluster map, a diagram, an outline, etc that will help your
students tap into their visual learning capacities.
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Audacity is an easy to use audio (sound) recording software. Students can create podcasts and add music.
These files can then be posted to a website (like a wiki page). You or your students
might use this to create radio commercials, book talks, interviews or explain a concept.
You can also use this program to add music and/or narration to PhotoStory and Movie Maker projects.
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Photo Story

This software will allow you and your students to put together a photo slide show. This is an extremely easy to use
presentation software that can incorporate sound, text, images and simple graphics. Try it!

Movie Maker

This is a very basic and easy to use video editing software for you to use for video
presentations and for student created projects. Remember, digital video and still cameras
are available to you and your students!!
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Nvu is a web-authoring software used to format documents for posting on a website.

Active Studio

This is the software for your Promethean board. There are some extremely helpful videos available to you through
Promethean Planet and Atomic Learning. If you want to access videos for more advanced applications, please let me know.
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Adobe Design Premium

This is a professional design software that includes Photoshop--a photo editing software; Dream Weaver--a web design software, Ilustrator--a graphic design software; InDesign--a publishing software similar to Front Page or Pagemaker; and more! These tools are only on teacher laptops and are rather sophisticated. I will be offering workshops on these as I learn them myself. Feel free to play in the meantime.