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Resources for rubric design focused on 21st century skills


Striving Toward 21st Century "Quadrant D"

Effective lesson design using 21st century skills and technologies lends itself well to higher levels of application, rigor and relevance (see graphic right). Pushing students to CREATE projects that connect with real world applications taps into the pinnacle of higher order thinking skills (see graphic below). The difficulty lies in assessing the often unpredictable product and the creativity embedded within project based learning. Developing a solid rubric is essential at this level because it eliminates ambiguity and subjectivity and provides authentic assessment to help guide student learning. This page is designed to give you some resources to help you in designing and implementing these rubrics.




Customizable Rubric Templates

This template would work well with any type of student project or presentation designed to show depth of content understanding. As the snapshot of the rubric below shows, the varying degrees of performance help to push the student into more rigorous demonstration. Max points can be assigned for each content area ( you define these as well) , then points can be allotted in whichever category best describes the evidence in the final product. As with any rubric, students should see this prior to their completion of the task so they have a firm understanding of what is expected and what will be considered "excellent" work.

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